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Algebraic Expressions

3x, 2 - x, 5b - 3a are examples of algebraic or variable expressions…

Basic math quizzes

Basic math quizzes

Browse our 200 plus sets of quizzes on basic math covering wide range of topics…

Binary Operations

A binary operation is a mathematical rule used for combining two elements to produce another element…

Binomial Theorem

A binomial theorem is used for expanding binomial expressions….

Circle Theorem

Two parallel chords, with lengths 12cm and 16cm, lie on opposite sides of the centre of a circle of radius 10cm. Calculate the distance between the chords.

Cordinate Geometry

Find the equation of the circle with centre (3,7) and area 16 square units.

Correlation and Regression

The line of best fit in a scatter diagram passes through the points (2,-3) and (10,9) in the x-y plane. What will be the predicted value for y when x = 4?


A rectangle has a perimeter of 24cm. Find its dimensions if its area is to be a maximum.

Geometric Construction

Geometric Construction

A straight line which divides one or more lines and angles into two equal parts is called a …

Indices and Logarithms

If the logarithm of a number to base 10 is 2.6025, find the number.

Inequalitlies and Linear Programming

Find the real values of x which satisfy 3 < 2x - 1 and 2x < 5.



The gradient of a curve at any point is 4x-1. If the point (-1,0) lies on it, find its equation.

Linear Equation and Inequalities

Find the truth set of the inequality 2t + 5 < 4t - 5.

Logical Reasoning

Which of the following statements is a proposition?

Matrices and Linear Transformation

Find the matrix of the linear transformation x1 = 3x+y and y1 = 2x-3y.


What would be the acceleration of a mass of 50kg when acted upon by a force of 80N?


The radius of a circle is 4 times that of another, what is the relationship between their areas?

Modular Arithmetic

If 23 + 14 = a(mod 5), what is the value of a?

Number Bases

Simplify 100110 + 11011.


A man bought a car for 8.5 million cedis and later sold it for 9.5 million cedis. Find his percentage gain.

Permutation and Combination

In how many ways can three vacancies be filled out of five applicants?

Plane Geometry

The exterior angle of a regular pentagon is 70 degrees. Find the sum of its interior angles.

Polynomial Functions

Find the quadratic equation whose roots are 3 and -m.



Two dice are thrown once. What is the probability that the same number shows up on both dice?

Quadratic Functions and Graphs

If (x-6)(x+4) = 0, find the value of 5x+4 when x > 0.

Ratio and Rates

A motorist covers 3km in 4 minutes. What is his average speed in metres per second?

Rational Functions

Is 3 a rational number?

Real number system

Express 75882 to three significant figures.

Relations and Functions

Find the equation of the line which passes through the points (-2,7) and (2,-3).

Rigid Motion

The point P(-3,4) is reflected in the line x+2 = 0. Find the co-ordinates of the image of P.

Sequence and Series

What is the next number in the sequence 2,5,10,17,…?


In a class of 20 students, 16 play soccer, 12 play hockey and 2 do not play any of the two games. How many students play only hockey?

Simultaneous Linear Equations

Solve the equation 8x - 7y = -52 and x = 2y - 11.

Spearman’s rank correlation

Sample question: Guide: Review the concept of Spearman’s Rank Correlation in your textbook. Download the file below and practice problem solving.



The mean of the numbers 15,21,17,26 18,29 is 21. Calculate the standard deviation of the numbers.


What is a surd?



The length of a side of an equilateral triangle is 10cm. Find the height of the triangle.


Sample question: Guide: Review the concept of Variation in your textbook. Download the file below and practice problem solving. Don’t forget to do step 1


In a translation in the plane, the image of P(5,2) is P1(7,3). Find the image of Q(-3,0) under the translation.